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Location: Hong Kong SAR
Date: July 2019
Size: Modular (1 Meter x 1 Meter x 1 Meter)
Typology: Installation
Client: Hong Kong Design Trust
Status: In-Progress 05/2019-Present
Team: Stephen x Zimmere

SURVEILLANCE SCAPE is a research project concerned with the presence of digital urban surveillance data and the human body.The research employs modular, analog, interlocking machines as a mediating agent between the human body and the abstractmass of spatial data aggregated by audio-visual surveillance actors. Milled from composite wood, the machines interlock infinitely toaddress ad hoc physical needs fromdefense to furniture. SURVEILLANCE SCAPE is a critique of thedigital city which hypothesizesthat communities can re-appropriate the gesture of construction to singularize the body in relation to both digital and physical space.