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Location: Shenzhen PRC
Size: 30 Meters
Typology: Installation
Client: Yu Tian Village Urban Design Festival, Assbook Curatorial Group
Status: Complete 06/2019
Team: Stephen x Zimmerer (Project Director) with Projective Architecture Office, Neuni Materials Shanghai
Constructed from clear acrylic panels mounted with dichroic iridescent film on a steel frame. SKY LINE is a parasitic architecture that clings to and activates adjacent structures. It distills and condences the spatial experience of the urban village, ordinarily defined by linear strips of sky and long lines of site. Inside, the rusty metal and damp ceramic of the urban village disappear, and the visitor is enveloped by smooth, iridescent planes. Sky line celebrates the condition which makes the urban village a vibrant architectural organism, a unique product of its time and place in the chinese megacity.